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Fraught With Endless Peril!!1!!!!!!!!111111!!~2@!!

Apparently the city bus system discourages you bringing firearms on board. Oh well, live and learn. Speaking of which, I was discharging said firearms at various cans that dare show their faces to me. I'd have laid waste to thousands more cans, had I something more than a 5+1 magazine, about 14 bullets on me, and a bolt action rifle. Can't have it all, I guess. Unless you do. Then shame on you for not sharing.

It also seems like my plan to invade Dacia is a bust. Turns out that not only was it invaded 1900 years ago (Not until 2000 years is it up for grabs. Talk about a faux pas invading it before then), but also that the nation of Dacia doesn't even exist anymore. Sure, I could go ahead and invade Hungary, but really, why would I want to do that? It also turns out I, in fact, do *NOT* have any army. My bad, thought I did. I need to get a fashionable young Parisan woman to laud me as I walk about town to compensate such frustration.

Well, just keeping you guys up-to-date on the latest news.
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