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Hwæt we Far-Dean in gear-dagu

S. A. Post
17 October
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Who am I? In 50 years I will be dead. What is my job? In 50 years I will be dead and someone else will be doing my job. How do I feel about your pants? In 50 years we will be dead and your pants will be gone. It is not important.
.5mm lead, 5.56 ammunition, agamemnon, aleric, aluminium, anarchism, angles, anglo-saxon, artillery, augustus, baldur's gate 2, bavarian motorworks, beethoven, beowulf, berlioz, bic pens, bismarck, bleistiff, bowls, braunschweig, caeser, canada, carbon, carthage, catalonia, cedar, cheese, china, civilization 3, coal, cold war, collecting hazmat suits, comfortable footware, communism, d&d, diesel, dinosaurs, duracell batteries, dutch, eggs, engels, eric clapton, fancy gobblets, fascism, femur, fireballs, fireworks, fish food, flasks, flint, france, franco-prussian war, garden hoses, gasoline, gengis kahn, germany, giants, gloves, gobblets, great white sharks, hats, hawthorne, hobbes, hussars, ibenez, immodium ad, ireland, iron, ironweed, jeans, juden, jutes, kabulai kahn, kurds, la marseillaise, latin, layla, led zeppelin, legos, lenin, leningrad cowboys, letters, leviathin, locke, lovecraft, machiavelli, machine guns, mao, marx, mechanical pencils, melville, methane, midgets, mireille mathieu, mountains, mousepads, my jacket, nails, nimitz, octane, oligarchy, ostrogoths, pencil, pepto bismal, picts, pink floyd, poe, porn, preußen, proper spelling, qin, queen anne's war, radiation, rakes, risk, russian red army choir, safety pins, saxons, seven years war, socialism, springtime for hitler, tamerlane, tape, technocracy, the hobbit, the silmarillion, theodoric, they might be giants, thirty years war, thumb tacks, tiber river, tiberius, tiger sharks, totenkopf, trotsky, tylenol, tyre, unterseeboots, vandals, visigoths, warrior, water, whips, white-out, wolf packs, wolves, wool socks, world war one, world war two, writing