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The Magical Pen of Destiny

Mostly just posting because I should. Don't have anything to say, but I doubt that's ever stopped any of us before. I'm playing the old "Pirates! Gold" game from 93 or so. Good times to be had, ravaging French and Spanish ships with my Dutch sloop. Sadly I'm still only a Marquis and own almost no land, but I've got a sizable pirate booty. Arrr.
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Well, not sure I'd call it a full strategy game, as you also do some sword fencing and shooting other ships and cities in combat as well, and it really doesn't require a whole lot of hard thinking beyond "What town will I plunder today?". Still, I used to play this game endlessly for hours when I was a kid. Abandonia has the game, just run a search for it, but you also need DOSBox to run it, unless you're on a 98 or earlier. You can find DOSBox on that site. It's tricky to run if you don't really know what you're doing, but it has a great step-by-step walkthrough on how to use it.

A little warning: some of those games require a lot of guessing, as there aren't instructions to all of them. With Pirates, you just use the mouse or the arrow keys to move around, the arrows on the number pad to fight, and the spacebar to fire off cannons and access the main menu. I highly recommend the game.